Tono Labs Press Release May 9, 2018








Aliso Viejo, California

May 9, 2018




Tono Labs launches with mission statement: “Advancing Art and Science through research

and development of innovative new technologies, products, systems and solutions for media

applications, across a diverse range of industries”, says Tono Labs Founder and Director,

Mark Brown, a media industry veteran, with extensive experience in systems engineering

and product architecture.  “We have expertise with audio, video, control, automation and

networking, for applications that include cinema, pro AV, enterprise, broadcast, and home

entertainment.  We understand the requirements to support the compelling delivery of

content, utilizing a total systems approach, as part of a fully integrated solutions strategy.

Believe it all starts with content driving architecture of products and systems.” he added.


Tono Labs works within a network of design, integration, prototyping and manufacturing

partners, to enable clients to realize their vision for new products, systems and solutions.

This team has the experience and capability to deliver results and a track record of success,

with Tono Labs being at the center of the network, offering a single primary point of contact.


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Phone: +1 949 939 2659

Contact: Mark Brown

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